Disaster Relief Hotline

During a disaster, TALS runs a Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline (1-888-395-9297). When the hotline is active, individuals affected by the disaster who have related legal questions can call the hotline between 9am and 5pm central time Monday through Friday. Messages may be left at any time. Victims are then matched with Tennessee lawyers who have volunteered to provide free legal help.

Currently, the Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline (1-888-395-9297) is activated to provide victims of the April 2011 storms a resource for legal assistance. Additionally, victims of disasters in Tennessee may go to the new web resource, http://www.OnlineTNJustice.org to ask a question of a volunteer attorney. There are financial restrictions to this resource, so storm victims who do not qualify may still call the hotline to contact a volunteer attorney. 
In May 2010, organizations across the state united to support the Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline in various capacities, which resulted in the assistance of more than 500 disaster victims in Tennessee. Tennessee layers who wanted to assist those impacted by the floods, signed up to provide pro bono services through the TN Bar Association.

The following 11 legal organizations also joined forces in 2010 to provide volunteer attorneys to handle cases arising from storm damage.

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