Tennessee Commission on CLE & Specialization Announces Funding for Equal Justice Initiatives Including Legal Information Line at TALS

TN Commission on CLE & Specialization Grant Funds Information Line at TALS and Other Initiatives

The Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education and Specialization announced on September 21st that it has awarded funds from its reserves to projects supporting the Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Initiative.  The Commission’s reserves accumulate from fees paid by lawyers who do not complete the specified amount of continuing legal education hours per year.   

The grant will fund the creation of a statewide toll free number, operated by TALS, which the public can call to get legal information. Court personnel, social service providers, and other agencies will be able to refer members of the public to the statewide number which will be 1-800-JUSTICE.  Callers will receive information on legal resources in their area or that address their legal issue.  An attorney is sought to staff the information line. 

For the full TALS job announcement visit here.

Funding will also be provided to staff an initiative to develop new pro bono projects where low income Tennesseans can go to get free legal advice and help.   The position will focus on creating projects in areas of the state that do not currently have free legal resources for low income Tennesseans.  An attorney is sought to staff the pro bono support position.  Information can be found http://www.tncourts.gov/employment/pro-bono-coordinator.

See the complete release here.


Posted: September 21, 2012