TALS Attorney Publishes Articles on Mental Health in the Legal Profession

TALS helpline attorney Kent Halkett recently has published multiple articles about mental health in the legal profession. Kent advocates for addressing the shame and stigma associated with mental health in the legal profession and for incorporating mental health training in law schools as part of the academic curriculum. 

To read the articles, please use the links below. Forthcoming articles will be added upon publication:

Mental Health in the Legal Profession: A Crisis, a Case Study and a Call to Action: https://www.tba.org/?pg=TennesseeBarJournal&pubAction=viewIssue&pubissueID=7986&pubIssueItemID=9752

Stop the "Insanity": Mandating Mental Health Education in Law Schoolhttps://lalawyer.advanced-pub.com/?issueID=24&pageID=66

Kent's articles have received much encouragement and support by members of the legal profession: 

Former Sidley Partner’s Mental Health Struggle Resonates With Attorneys https://abovethelaw.com/2021/03/former-sidley-partners-mental-health-struggle-resonates-with-attorneys/ 

Mental Health Articlle Resonates with Readers: https://www.tba.org/?pg=TennesseeBarJournal&pubAction=viewIssue&pubIssueID=8088&pubIssueItemID=11042

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