Online TN Justice Celebrates 10k Questions Posted

In October 2015, the 10,000th question was posted to OnlineTNJustice (OTJ). We ask you to join in the celebration of our wonderful volunteers and exciting accomplishments.

Our goals are to:

  • Create a virtual celebration of OTJ’s success
  • Thank volunteers in a unique and fun way
  • Generate a buzz online and build awareness about OTJ through volunteer quotes stating why they serve
  • Engage new pro bono attorneys and those who are already registered but not taking questions
  • Connect volunteers to their 475+ colleagues on OTJ to build a sense of shared community and pride
  • Share quotes of appreciation from OTJ users with the lawyers who served them

To celebrate 10,000 questions posted and the more than 475 attorneys registered to give advice on OTJ, we are asking you to share why you volunteer. Send reflections to Samantha Sanchez at

What Volunteers are Saying:
 "I love this site. Gives me a chance to do some good over my lunch hour."

What Clients are Saying:
"Wow, you are really quick & thorough with your answers & I thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!"

Other quotes from grateful users who received advice from volunteers will be shared soon.
Lastly, we hope you'll share this message with your network. We are posting user and attorney quotes to social media to celebrate pro bono and encourage others to join you in this great online community. Use the hashtag #OTJ10k to share our message with friends and colleges on social media. See TALS posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Posted: October 15, 2015