EJU Training Sessions Requested

This year's EJU Training Committee would like to weave the theme, "Hope in Challenging Time : Rising Above Adversity" throughout our CLE sessions. As EJU Planning Committee Chair Harrison McIver stated, "We submit it recognizes that our clients in particular are facing many challenges but yet we as legal aid firms provide “ hope”  for a better life reflective of  successes and impact that can be  chronicled over our rich history .  With that history, we can overcome the adversities they and indeed we face in these “ troubled” times."

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In addition to high-quality ethics and professional development CLE sessions, TALS' partners requested training the following areas:

In Employment Law, the top 2 needs are:

  1. wage claims (including FLSA) and FMLA (including leave rights)
  2. Employment barriers to re-entry


In Immigration, the top 3 needs are:

1)      relief for survivors of violence (VAWA, U-Visa, T-Visa)

2)      options for removal defense

3)      Immigration and public benefits


In Family Law, the top 3 needs are:

1)      I-864 Affidavit of Support

2)      discovery techniques in divorce cases

3)      contempt of ops


In Health/Benefits*, the top 3 needs are:

  1. Social Security
  2. Medicare

*Attorneys would especially like instruction on how these areas overlap with other practice areas. Also, a case study following how to serve a client from start to finish in these areas is welcome.


In Housing and Consumer, the top 4 needs are:

1)      general sessions: official procedures and practical tips

2)      beginner’s training on RICO, and

3)      Walkthrough of the HUD and THRC Fair Housing process.

4)      FTC Regulations


In Special Education/Juvenile Justice, the top 3 needs are:

1)      Behavior Assessments

2)      Application of the Endrew Case




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