Substantive Law Task Forces

Task Force Areas

TALS has substantive law Task Forces in the areas of:

  • Health / Benefits
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Housing / Consumer
  • Special Education / Juvenile Justice
  • Immigration & Refugee Law

Each Task Force has an associated List Serv and most participate in scheduled calls to share best practices. To find out more information about the Task Forces, contact Samantha Sanchez.


Membership for Representatives of Organizations that Provide Civil Legal Assistance to the Indigent

Representatives of federally and non-federally funded organizations that provide civil legal assistance to the indigent can join the TALS Task Forces without application. This applies to all entities represented by TALS' board members as well.

Membership for Outside Candidates

In order for individuals who do not represent organizations that provide civil legal assistance to the indigent to become a member of a Task Force, that person must:

  1. Complete an application
  2. Obtain a sponsor who is an active member of the designated Task Force
  3. Sign a non-disclosure agreement
  4. The Task Force Chair will perform an initial review of the application, determine whether to present it to the Task Force Membership for a vote, and notify the TALS Director of Training, Compliance, & Technology of the decision. 
  5. The Task Force Chair will submit the applicant’s information to the full Task Force for a vote, providing a reasonable deadline for responses.  The majority of those who cast votes will determine whether the applicant is admitted to the Task Force.

Visit our Trainings page to see upcoming TALS' Task Force CLE trainings.

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