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About Legal Information for Tennesseans (LIFT)

Legal Information for Tennesseans (LIFT) is a web portal that provides Tennesseans with relevant legal information on the most popular civil legal topics like divorce, bankruptcy, etc. The site is a responsive site that makes itself viewable based on the device it is being viewed on - such as a tablet or smart phone so it can be accessed anywhere. The site includes links for visitors to find legal services representation based on their county, reach out to pro bono attorneys via Online Tennessee Justice, or download pro se court forms.

All site resource pages include a direct link to TALS' online pro bono assistance site - where Tennesseans can reach out for legal advice. There is also a link to a directory where Tennesseans can see what free legal providers serve their area.

This site is a project of  the Tennessee Library and Legal Resource Partnership Project of West Tennessee Legal Services, National Association of Social Workers - Tennessee Chapter and the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services.

This project is funded by a Legal Services Corporation Technology Initiatives Grant (TIG). The project is managed in partnership with the Tennessee State Library and Archives and the Tennessee  Access to Justice Commission.

Currently, TALS is conducting trainings with librarians to help them learn to assist patrons with the site as well as provide a launch page for their library on the site. 

Training Curriculum

The TALS training for librarians on the LIFT portal provided a thorough description of the site and taught them about local and statewide legal referral resources, how to address patrons with civil legal needs, and how to create a profile page on LIFT for their library.

  • The curriculum included the following components:
  • Introduction to Legal Services across Tennessee
  • A seminar about the difference between legal advice and legal information
  • Discussion of pitfalls and caveats when fielding civil legal questions from patrons
  • A detailed “how-to” tutorial for the LIFT portal
  • A talk with a local Legal Aid representative
  • Civil legal resources (local and statewide) that can assist your patrons most effectively
  • A walk-through on building a library profile page 


View a LIFT training session:

An introduction to LIFT:

 Legal Information vs. Legal Advice by Pam Wright from West TN Legal Services:

 An introduction to the LIFT website:

 Library Page set-up explanation:


Download LIFT Advertising Materials

If you want to advertise LIFT to your patrons, download and print a LIFT poster here.

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